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Friday, 29 December 2006

The Earl of her Dreams by Anne Mallory

Very enjoyable regency romance
4 Stars

Anne Mallory's fourth novel is a fresh and enjoyable historical and she is definitely an author that I will be looking for in the future.

Kate Simon is on the run from her despicable half brother who intends to marry her off to his disgusting friend in order to steal her dowry. So, disguised as a male tailor's assistant Kate stays at the Dragon's Tale coaching inn hiding out until she can make enough money to get safely to London.

In order to find his friend's scandalous journal - Christian Black, Earl of Canley is also at the Dragon's Tale and also in disguise. But with no room left at the inn Christian is forced to share with the young tailors assistant who he soon realises is not exactly what he seems.

When a murder occurs at the inn and the occupants trapped by a blizzard - Kate and Christian turn amateur investigators to try and find out the secrets of all the guests while trying very hard not to reveal their own secrets and passions.

I really enjoyed this book. Although I'm not really a huge murder mystery fan this story was written so well that it really draws you in to the story and the characters. Kate and Christian both have their demons and strengths that make them perfect for each other and it really is fun to watch them interact with each other while trying to stay unaffected. The colourful secondary characters really come alive too and having a map of the inn at the front of the book is a fun little extra which again draws you into the story.

The only downside to the book would have to be that as soon as the mystery was solved the end of the story seemed slightly flat compared to the puzzle that had been ongoing for most of the book. But the change of pace certainly didn't ruin the book which still had a satisfying conclusion.

If you enjoy colourful characters, a touch of mystery with good wit and a fast paced story then I really would recommend that you give this book a try.

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Don't Open Till Christmas by Leslie Kelly

Sexy and fun Christmas romance
5 stars

When sexy Chicago detective Mark Santori bursts in on Noelle Brandenton in a department store changing room neither knows that their interlude will be the start of something so much better.

So when a fake Santa steals money from the homeless shelter where Noelle works and the pair are thrown together it isn't long before they both realise what they really want to unwrap on Christmas morning.

Leslie Kelly has once again written a sensual, fun and highly entertaining hot romance that doesn't disappoint. Mark Santori is a delicious dark hero who is by turns smart, funny and brooding but always sexy. Noelle is also smart and fun but cautious and more importantly she's real and someone you actually like and understand.

The story is spicy, interesting and oh so satisfying with plenty of chemistry and sexual tension throughout the book. It is a Christmas story and I did feel that nice festive glow but without all the cheesy stuff that you normally associate with a Christmas romance.

If you've never read Leslie Kelly or if you're her biggest fan I'm sure you will love this book. Definitely 5 stars.