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Friday, 15 June 2007


Enjoyable romantic anthology
4 stars

Madame Karma has a stall at the Valentine's Day Fair at the upscale Fairfax building complex. And she decides to impart some wisdom on those at the fair: if you run away from love, you'll be cursed!

Blame It On Karma - Jacquie D'Alessandro
Coffe shop owner Lacey Perkins is sceptical when a fortune teller tells her that she is going to fall in love with Evan Sawyer, her annoying, but very hot, property manager. She would rather face the wrath of karma - until she finds herself cursed with a rather large dose of lust.

This story is fun, sexy and very enjoyable and I will be looking out for more of her work in the future.

Together Again? - Jill Shalvis
Accountant Chloe Cooper doesn't believe in predictions - especially when she is told that the man of her dreams is about to walk into her life. But then she bumps into Ian McCall - her former, and first, lover. But this Ian is more dangerous, secretive and seductive than the one she remembers. But just as she starts to think the prediction could be true - she is cursed with a blackout, a case of fraud and some handcuffs!

Jill Shalvis manages to incorporate some of her well-known excitement and danger into her enjoyable (but too short) story of lost loves. It was also refreshing to find a story of past lovers who didn't part on bad terms.

Tall, Dark & Temporary - Crystal Green
Erin Holland isn't convinced when she's told that Wes Ryan, the infamous playboy, is "the one". In fact, she only wants him as a quick fling on their weekend cruise. But she soon finds that if you mess with karma it will mess with you until you are forced to admit the truth.

Crystal Green's story while being generally okay - didn't seem to fit with the other two stories in that it took place outside the complex and 2 weeks after Valentine's Day. Although a pleasant read - I felt it didn't have the sparkle of the first two stories.

This is an enjoyable set of stories which are linked by the mysterious Madame Karma and the predictions she makes about the character's love lives. Although set around Valentine's Day - the holiday doesn't dominate any of the storylines to any great depth.

All in all this is a very enjoyable anthology and one that I would recommend if you're a fan of any of these authors or if you're looking for some quick, sexy reads. 4 stars.

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