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Sunday, 15 July 2007

Operation Gigolo by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Funny, fast-paced romance
5 stars

To stop her parents from filing for divorce - Lynn decides to get them together by giving them a common goal. And that goal is to split Lynn up from her hell-raising new boyfriend. But now she just needs to find someone to play the part.

Fellow lawyer Tony Russo is much more GQ then Hell's Angels and he's reluctant to help Lynn in his schemes. But after his transformation he looks like just the kind of tattooed, leather wearing bad boy that Lynn's parents will unite to remove from her life.

But with his irresistible new look and devastating kisses, Lynn keeps forgetting that it's all just an act...

Vicki Lewis Thompson has once again delivered a funny and fresh romance that doesn't disappoint. Both Lynn and Tony are really enjoyable characters and I enjoyed Tony's portrayal of the bad boy and the fact that he was honest about his feelings from the start. And Lynn's parents were hilarious, even managing to upstage the main couple on occasion. The book isn't filled with sex and concentrates much more on the fun and romance then many other books by Vicki Lewis Thompson. However, it's still a fun, enjoyable, page-turner of a book that I'm sure that you will enjoy.

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