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Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Going All The Way by Isabel Sharpe

Enjoyable but not perfect
4 stars

Back in school Jenny Hartmann was shy and unassuming. But now she has become a minor celebrity after writing her sizzling self-help book entitled 'What Have I Done For Me Lately?' She aims to liberate all women to become as sexually confident and sassy as she too has become.

Back in school, Ryan was a hell-raising bad boy but now he has grown up and calmed down. But this new Jenny is really driving him crazy especially when she decides that she will have a fantasy fling with him. And whatever the new Jenny wants, the new Jenny gets.

But when the pair get together - they both begin to realise that maybe they haven't changed all that much after all.

While I enjoyed this book I really wavered between giving it 3 or 4 stars. I liked Jenny to begin with as although she was sexy and confident, she was still vulnerable and not a man-hating feminist like she could have been written. But halfway through the book she started to become very selfish and immature and not someone that I liked at all. Admittedly by the end of the book she saw the error of her ways and had become nice again but I was still suspicious of her! Ryan is an enjoyable character - sexy and straight-laced with his inner bad boy just waiting to get out! There were also two strong secondary characters that had quite a lot of book time and while enjoyable - they weren't as good as Ryan and Jenny.

I decided to go with 4 stars as despite its faults, it's an uplifting, enjoyable, sexy read that doesn't flag and keeps you turning the pages right to the end. While not perfect, it's written well and although maybe not a keeper - it is still a book you should pick up if you get a chance.

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