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Monday, 25 February 2008

His Mistress by Morning by Elizabeth Boyle

Fabulous and engrossing romance
5 stars

Shy and mousy Charlotte Wilmot has been in love with Sebastian, Lord Trent for most of her life while he can barely even remember her name. When she receives a mystery ring from her aunt, she uses it to wish that she was the woman that Sebastian loves.

The next morning, Charlotte wakes up to find herself entangled in the very naked limbs of Sebastian and he is definitely very much in love with her. Only she isn't mousy Charlotte Wilmot anymore but the scandalous and quite exciting Lottie Townsend.

She is the woman in Sebastian's heart but can she ever be the one he marries. And what about all the other changes her wish has wrought and the problems that go with them?

I have enjoyed other Elizabeth Boyle novels although this one has well surpassed all my expectations. It was engrossing, exciting and I just couldn't put it down.

Charlotte/Lottie is so well written that you barely notice how much she grows and learns because it is so seamless. And her chemistry and passion with Sebastian is just delicious. I loved the very real conflict and genuinely couldn't wait to find out how everything was going to work out.

The story itself is very well thought out and the way everything was relevant and came together in the end was genius! And as another reviewer pointed out, the magic element isn't too overpowering making the story much more believable.

This seems to be the start of a new series and I can't wait to read stories for the supporting characters in this book. This book is fabulous, engaging and really leaves you with that warm, happy glow when you're done - I can't recommend it highly enough. 5 stars.

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