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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Every Night I'm Yours by Christie Kelley

Ordinary and uninspiring Regency romance
2 stars

Her best friend’s brother, the arrogant and irritating Banning Talbot, Earl of Selby, realises her plans and claims she has made a huge mistake. To protect Avis he makes a bold proposal – he will become her tutor for one night of reckless passion in order to satisfy all her deepest, darkest longings.

Neither Banning nor Avis can predict that one night will turn into many more or just how far an innocent lesson in desire can actually go.

I am very sorry to say that I found this book really quite dull. Avis (which I’m sure is the name of a car hire company!) and Banning are very two-dimensional characters and you never really understand them or their motivations. Their sexual chemistry is almost non-existent and despite really trying, the book built up absolutely no sexual tension before the two main characters actually got together.

I did really love the idea of the plot. It’s not new to have an innocent young lady paired with a jaded and arrogant man, but it’s a storyline that I have enjoyed previously and am happy to read again and again. My problems with it in this particular novel were that again, we never really go deep enough and I felt that I was being told everything rather than being shown. As a result I didn’t believe what was going on and had no emotional interest in the story.

Overall, I didn’t hate this book but I certainly didn’t love it – worse I found it quite ordinary. The writing flowed and I did manage to finish it (albeit almost forcedly!) I just didn’t feel a connection. As a result, I really can’t recommend this book. There are plenty of other much better Regency romances out there and I would suggest you give one of those a try rather than this one. Sadly only 2 stars.

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