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Friday, 5 September 2008

Merry Christmas, Baby!

Well-written and likeable anthology
4 Stars

This is a Mills & Boon anthology where each story is centred around the Christmas season.

Cinderfella by Susan Wiggs
Down to earth reporter, Jack Riley and his new boss, socialite Madeline Langston couldn’t be from more different worlds. But when Jack does a good deed, a good deed is done for him in return, and he goes to Madeline’s Christmas party to show her that he might just be her Prince Charming.

This Cinderella parody is sweet, funny and very cleverly written. I didn’t find it especially festive but it was a good story all the same.

Grady’s Kids by Bobby Hutchinson
Rancher Grady Hughes admits that he was wrong to try to stop a train from killing his cattle by holding the train up at gunpoint but he was at the end of his rope. When he is put on probation by the judge he doesn’t expect his parole officer to be as sweet as Fiona Bennet. Grady knows she has fallen in love with his home and his kids, but can she ever feel the same way about him?

This was another very enjoyable story that didn’t feel overly Christmassy (despite all the snow!) Good and memorable characters made this a joy to read.

It Takes A Miracle by Karen Young
Little Jessica and Jamie really want their Uncle Nathan to get a wife for Christmas – especially since he’s now their guardian. They also have the perfect woman in mind – his ex-wife, Emily. That’s exactly what Nathan wants, too, but convincing Emily is going to take a miracle.

This was definitely my favourite story of the anthology, as I love a story where a couple are reunited! I sighed at the happy ending of this tale and liked the way the story seemed almost magical. Wonderful.

Overall, apart from the last story, this wasn’t really festive enough to be called a Christmas anthology, in my opinion. Having said that, the stories are all enjoyable, well written and are perfect for a quick read, whatever the time of year. 4 stars.

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