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Monday, 10 November 2008

'Tis the Season by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Sweet, old fashioned Christmas romance
4 Stars

Anna Tilford has just bought the perfect rural retreat – a lovely old farmhouse in a small Connecticut town. Using it as a weekend retreat she is delighted by the place as it gives her a peaceful place to get away from her high pressured job as a New York interior designer.

But her peace looks like it’s going to be shattered when her gorgeous neighbour and Christmas tree farmer, Sam Garrison, wins a competition to have one of his trees as the centrepiece for the White House.

The rugged, outdoorsman is delighted by Anna’s move to the area and is even more thrilled when she agrees to help him decorate each and every room in his house for the cameras – starting with the bedroom!

This was a short and sweet festive tale with opposites attracting in city girl, Anna, and outdoorsy, country boy, Sam. Both characters were relatable, fun and had some lovely teasing banter. Unlike other of Vicki Lewis Thompson’s books, this one was not heavy on the sex and raunchiness. There was sex but it was more of a sweet, slow-burning kind of chemistry between Anna and Sam.

The Christmas theme ran throughout but was subtle enough to make you think of a good, old-fashioned and rustic Christmas time. The snowy, small town was perfect and made me want to visit.

My only problem was that I felt the ending (despite being the traditional happily ever after) could have been written a little better so as to wrap up all the loose ends.

Having said that, it’s still a fun, festive and really enjoyable, quick read for the dark cold nights in the run up to Christmas. 4 stars.

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