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Sunday, 14 December 2008

A Seduction at Christmas by Cathy Maxwell

Adventure filled romance
4 Stars

Down on her luck and desperate to earn some money, Fiona Lachlan finds herself agreeing to help with a plan that has ended with her luring the notorious Duke of Holburn, Nick Lynsted, into trouble. When the plan goes terribly wrong, Fiona and Nick soon find themselves on the run from a murderous gang of men.

In order to protect themselves and stay alive, Fiona finds herself posing as Nick’s ward. But with a missing family ring, old friends turned enemies, a disapproving family and someone intent on murder – there is little time for anything else. Except maybe seduction.

Despite being a book that easily stands alone, this book features Fiona Lachlan, the sister of the hero from Maxwell’s previous book, In The Highlander’s Bed.

From the start, the book was filled with excitement, action, adventure and lust. Fiona is a flawed but feisty character whose character suits the slightly intense yet rougishly loveable Nick. The pair have good chemistry and a love you can believe in, even if their own romance sometimes seemed to take a back seat to the action/mystery.

Overall, this book was an interesting read that definitely kept you turning the pages. I felt that it wasn’t as strong emotionally as many of Cathy Maxwell’s previous novels yet it was still an enjoyable read and one I would recommend. 4 stars.

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