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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Heated Rush by Leslie Kelly

Sexy and seductive romance
4 stars

Annie Davis needs a stand-in man for a looming family reunion or she’ll never hear the end of it from her parents and brothers. With no prospects in sight she decides that her best hope is at a charity bachelor auction. The sexy bachelor she picks is the perfect man for her – a blue-collar, down to earth paramedic. Or so she thinks.

Sean Murphy has no idea how the biographies on the bachelor auction program got mixed up, but far from being a paramedic, he’s actually a sophisticated Irish businessman who’s excelled at pleasing and pleasuring women. Despite their differences, they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other but Sean knows if Annie finds out about his past their delicious liaison will be over. Luckily they only have the week together and Sean plans to keep Annie very occupied during that time.

I really enjoy Leslie Kelly’s books as I feel she has a way of making you care about her characters. This book is no exception as you really learn to like both Annie and Sean and root for them as a couple. The story is interesting, hot and good fun to read. The only reason I opted for the 4 stars rather than 5 is that the ending didn’t really seem in keeping with the rest of the book. I was looking for some huge, passionate declaration of love and instead it was more quiet, understated and emotional. There’s nothing wrong with this but it just didn’t match the rest of the story in my opinion.

This book is the second of a two part mini series focussing on the mix up at the bachelor auction. The books do stand alone but they also work nicely as a pair so I would recommend the first book, Slow Hands, alongside this one. Sean also appeared in a short story of Leslie Kelly’s – ‘Three-Way’ from One Wild Wedding Night.

Overall, this was a fun, sexy, interesting read and one I would definitely recommend to those that enjoy Blaze stories. 4 stars.

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