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Friday, 6 February 2009

The Power of Love

An enjoyable selection of short stories
4 Stars

This collection is 12 short stories all dealing with love and empowerment.

Sweet Dreams – Lori Foster
A workaholic finds exactly what she’s always wanted in the arms of her neighbour.

Unpredictable – Erin McCarthy
Hannah feels cursed by her psychic ability until she meets a sexy cop and his adorable dog.

After Hours – Toni Blake
Marla has been in love with her boss for years. When she tells him she’s quitting her job – his response isn’t what she expected. 

Last of the Red-Hot Mammas – Dianne Castell
Divorced single parent Gloria’s birthday treat is a night with a male escort. Or so she thinks. Rob isn’t who she thought he was and he’s determined to win Gloria’s heart.

Salesman of the Year – Karen Kelley
Jenny always did what she was told, including turning down bad-boy Devon in high school. But now he’s back to show her he’s a much better man than her fiancĂ©.

Dance the Fandango – Rosemary Laurey
Grandmother Magda’s husband died over a year ago and her children think it’s time the started dating again. They’re surprised when they learn what she’s been up to with sexy Spaniard, Juan.

The Girl Next Door – Janice Maynard
Jason left college to look after his sisters when their parents died. Now he is selling up and moving away so Felicity, the girl that has loved him from afar, decides it’s time to make her move.

Chicken Soup For Annie – LuAnn McLane
Single mum Annie is new in town when she bumps into pastor Josh in the thrift shop he runs. A misunderstanding leads to the pair spending time together and finding that they may be exactly what the other needs.

No Angel – Lucy Monroe
Cheryl has the hots for her boss, Zach, but is scared to go for it due to a past abusive relationship. Luckily, Zach isn’t the kind of guy that will let her get away.

Angel in the Alley – Patricia Sargeant
Sara has finally divorced her abusive husband and is trying to start afresh when she finds a homeless man in the alley behind her shop. Feeling an affinity with him she gives him a job but he isn’t who he says he is.

Hannah’s Choice – Kay Stockham
Moving back to her home town after splitting up with her abusive ex, Hannah finds herself face to face with Mitch, the one man she would be willing to risk her heart again for.

The Mouse Who Roared – J.C. Wilder
When Amy overhears her boss telling someone that she is dull and mousy, she decides it’s time she changed her look, life and go after the man she’s been dreaming about.

This was an enjoyable collection of stories by some popular romance writers. I felt that the book’s cover made it look more like an inspirational or self-help book rather than the set of sexy, funny but sometimes sweet and tender stories that it was.

The stand out stories for me were: Unpredictable, Chicken Soup for Annie, No Angel and The Mouse Who Roared. While there were no duds, some of the stories were a little ridiculous in my opinion although not offensive in any way.

Reading this book is like reading the ending of a love story – it’s sweet, happy and you like it, but you also wish you had read more of the story. At only (roughly) 25 pages per story, they are short, sweet but perhaps not as involved as you might like. This is still a good selection of stories and definitely worth a read if you can get hold of the book.

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