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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Naked Attraction by Jule McBride

Contrived and disappointing romance
2 stars

Ellie Lee and Robby Robriquet have always had amazing chemistry so it's no surprise when the pair finally get together. Robby is everything Ellie has always wanted - smart, sexy, sophisticated and a real man's man. But then everything goes wrong.

When Ellie's dad promotes Robby over Ellie, the betrayal makes Ellie leave Mississippi and start a new, wild life in New York. But it's not long before Robby barges back into Ellie's life and demands that the pair make up for lost time. And in bed seems like a good place to start.

I love a storyline where a couple get a second chance at love but this one just didn't do it for me at all. Ellie wasn't a particularly sympathetic heroine and was described as selfish, hard and unyielding. Robby was slightly better but hardly the "man's man" he was supposed to be as he didn't once go after what he really wanted. The pair had chemistry and there were some hot love scenes but they weren't enough to carry the book.

Unfortunately the plot was contrived and, towards the end, downright ridiculous. You could see the "twist" coming a mile off and it had me shaking my head in disbelief. The secondary characters sounded so stereotypical that I still have no idea why they were even included. And the fact that everyone called Ellie's dad 'Daddy Eddie' really made me cringe. The clincher for me was the fact that the entire conflict could have been avoided by a simple conversation between the two main characters.

The good point of this book was that it was fairly easy to read and wasn't offensive in any way. If you're a fan of Jule McBride then you might enjoy this but I can't say I would recommend this book to anyone else. 2 stars.

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