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Sunday, 17 September 2006

Suite Seduction by Leslie Kelly

A fun, sexy read
5 Stars

Ruthie Sinclair is having a terrible day. She is the last single member of her family, wearing the bridesmaid dress from hell and now her boyfriend has run off at the prospect of getting a little more intimate. So when she meets sexy Robert Kendall it isn’t a surprise that she has amazingly erotic dreams about him all through the night. Only in the morning she realises it wasn’t a dream. But now Ruthie wants nothing to do with Robert and when they clash to save Ruthie’s family hotel it’s a rollercoaster ride for Robert to convince Ruthie they are perfect for each other - inside the hotel and out.

I am a huge fan of Leslie Kelly and this book really didn’t disappoint. It’s fun, sexy, fast moving and the characters real and believable. Ruthie is a great heroine as you can really relate to her and Robert is strong and delicious - everything a hero should be. The writing is excellent and you can really get lost in the story which does focus on the romance but has an interesting back story too.

If you’re a fan of Leslie Kelly or if you’re just looking for a quick sexy read then you really can’t go wrong with this book. Definitely recommended.

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