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Sunday, 15 October 2006

Here Comes Trouble by Leslie Kelly

Fun, sexy and quirky romance
5 stars

Being a huge fan of Leslie Kelly I was very much looking forward to her newest book and it really didn’t disappoint.

Here Comes Trouble is the story of Max Taylor - a former playboy who goes to the town of Trouble to lay low from the media frenzy caused by a tell-all book in which a whole chapter is dedicated to his erotic exploits with a congressman’s widow. He plans to stop the book before it ruins him.

Sabrina Cavanaugh is a junior editor for a publishing company who is in Trouble posing as a rich investor. Determined to make the book a success, she is in town to prove that Max really is the womaniser the book makes him out to be even if that means seducing him to do it.

But when the two meet - Max has a hard time remembering why he was supposed to be staying away from women and Sabrina has a hard time remembering that she was seducing Max for business, not pleasure and losing her heart was not part of the bargain. Throw in a 5 year unsolved murder, a pregnant sister, stalker ex-boyfriend, missing money and an array of crazed, eccentric townspeople and you have the beginnings of a fun and entertaining original story.

This book really is an excellent read. Max is a delicious reformed bad boy while Sabrina is a strong, sexy woman with a sweet vulnerable streak and together the pair have great chemistry and the sex scenes really fizzle. The secondary characters are also well developed and hopefully we will see more of them in future books set in Trouble. The writing is sharp and entertaining and as is usual with Leslie Kelly - full of wit and humour.

I would highly recommend this book. It was a fun, sexy and smart comedy romance which I’m sure you will enjoy even if you’ve not read Leslie Kelly before. Definitely five stars.

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