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Thursday, 18 January 2007

Daring the Duke by Anne Mallory

A Fun Romance
4 stars

Audrey Kendrick has been forced to return to her life as London's most legendary thief - a title she thought she'd managed to leave behind until a family crisis draws her back into the underworld for one last mission.

Stephen Chalmers, the new Duke of Marston is a spy charged with capturing the thief who is terrorising the town and jeopardising government secrets. When Stephen unmasks Audrey as the thief - she is in danger of losing more than her freedom to him. And when a greater danger moves onto the scene the pair realise that the best way to survive might be to work together even with the risk that they might fall in love.

I really enjoyed this book - it was a fun romance with plenty of action to keep you interested and wanting to keep turing the pages to see what will happen next. Stephen is your typical suave gentleman spy who cannot help but be charmed by the unconventional, feisty heroine Audrey. Their romance is believable although possibly slightly overshadowed by all the action.

There was quite a lot going on and although the plot is not overly complicated there are so many characters and plot points that you do have to pay attention to understand what is happening. I would also suggest that you have read Anne Mallory's first book Masquerading the Marquess before you read this book as there are many references to events and characters from that book that not having read it might make things slightly confusing.

However I would still give this book 4 stars as it is an enjoyable read and one that I would recommend. I will definitely be reading more of Anne Mallory's books in the future.

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