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Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Too Hot to Handle by Cheryl Holt

Sensual historical romance
5 Stars

Emily Barnett has run to London to escape her scheming cousin who plans to marry Emily and then send her blind sister to an asylum. Now needing to raise funds, Emily interviews for the position of a governess for the wards of Michael Farrow, Earl of Winchester - only when she arrives at the Earl’s residence she realises that she’s accidentally stumbled across the Earl’s interviews for a new mistress instead!

Michael Farrow likes his women to be experienced with lusty appetites much like his own. One look at Emily in her drab outfit and he can tell she is not the type of woman he is used to but he’s intrigued all the same. When she runs off, scandalised, Michael tracks her down to offer her the position of governess. But as they are thrown into close contact together they both begin to realise that neither can deny the passion they find in one another. But when Emily’s cousin, a jealous ex-mistress and a devious ward all start to plot - Emily and Michael have to decide how much they really want to fight for each other.

This is the first book of Cheryl Holt’s that I’ve read and I found that I really enjoyed it and will definitely be looking out for other books of hers in the future.

I really liked Emily’s character especially - an innocent and naive young woman while still refreshingly strong and resilient. Michael on the other hand is one hundred percent alpha male and tries so hard to keep his emotions out of his life that it is really enjoyable when you finally see him brought down by love. Their interactions are funny, fiery and sexy. The secondary characters are also very well developed and have their own stories which add nicely to the story.

The plot isn’t too demanding and you definitely focus more on the interactions of the characters because of this. If you enjoy your historical romances light with some passion and emotion thrown in then I would definitely suggest that you give this book a try as I’m sure you will like it too.

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