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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Private Relations by Nancy Warren

Wonderful, Sexy Blaze Romance
5 stars

Kit Prescott is PR director of the newly opened, erotic hotel Hush in Manhattan. To gain some publicity for the hotel they throw a Fantasy Weekend Contest - describe your hottest fantasy in 200 words.

Kit is delighted by the fantasies, and by her publicity for the hotel - until Peter Garson turns up to claim his prize, three years after he left Kit standing at the altar on their wedding day.

But Peter is ready for a challenge and he realises he has one weekend to make all his and Kit's fantasies come true and persuade her he now wants forever. If only he can get her to forgive him!

I really enjoyed this novel. It was fast, fun and had a really good storyline to go along with the hot sex scenes! Kit is a career driven woman but not someone you can't empathise with, while Peter is just delicious - determined, sexy and single - a perfect fantasy man. The pair work well together and you sense they are perfect for each other even when they haven't figured it out.

While there is some emotional depth to the story, it never drags on or gets too heavy, remaining a good light read all the way through. There is also a sweet secondary love story which adds a little extra.

If you like Blaze romances or are just a fan of a good, well-written love story then I'm sure you won't be disappointed with this book.

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