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Sunday, 8 April 2007

Room Service by Jill Shalvis

Fantastic, hot read
5 stars

Em Harris is an LA TV producer who has been sent to New York's newest erotic hotel, Hush, to recruit their famous chef Jacob Hill for her new cooking show which will hopefully save her career. Bur Jacob doesn't want to be a star and now Em has a bigger problem than trying to convince him otherwise as she realises that Jacob tastes just as delicious as his divine food.

I really loved this book - and would go so far as to say it is one of the best Blaze books I've ever read.

The story is fast paced, keeps you turning the pages and the author never makes the plot predictable or goes for the easy option when she could have done. There were also enough background characters and secondary love stories to keep things interesting but they never over shadowed the main couple which is sometimes the case.

The characters are also excellently well written and are perfect for each other. Em is a farm girl at heart but she is never stereotypical and I liked that she was quiet but not shy. Jacob is absolutely delicious - a real bad boy - and watching him struggle with his feelings for Em and his panic at realising he was falling in love was just a joy.

And of course, being a Blaze novel there definitely has to be some sex and this book didn't disappoint on that score either. The pages sizzled with sexual tension and the sex scenes themselves were very hot and sexy. Perfect.

Overall, I can't praise this book highly enough. It's perfect for a fun, sexy read about characters that you can really enjoy and a story you can believe in. Definitely worth 5 stars.

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