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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Get a Clue by Jill Shalvis

Wonderful, sexy mystery-romance
5 stars

Breanne Mooreland is having a terrible day. She's been dumped at the alter (and for the third time no less!), decided to go on her honeymoon alone, experienced the flight from hell and lost her luggage. And that's all before she arrives at her luxury lodge to find herself snowed in with the strangest staff she has ever met - and a (gorgeous) naked stranger in her honeymoon suite!

Cooper Scott doesn't care if there has been an error with the booking - he's not giving up his holiday or his large bed for Breanne - but he would be willing to share it with her!

Breanne's no men pact is taking a serious testing with Cooper determined to prove that not all men are scum. But Breanne is a strong woman who doesn't need a sexy ex-cop to protect her - but that's before she stumbles on a very dead body!

I enjoyed a previous shorter book of Jill Shalvis' and decided to give one of her longer length novels and I am really glad that I did as this really was an excellent read.

Breanne is a great heroine - strong yet with some very vulnerable qualities such as being afraid of the dark! Cooper is just as wonderful - a hero who is both a strong, sexy male as well as being a big softy! The pair have fabulous chemistry which translates into hot, hot sex and some seriously fun situations.

The plot is fun, fast moving and with just enough mystery to make it exciting (but not enough to truly scare people if you're a wimp like me!). As well as Breanne and Cooper - there are various secondary characters who are quirky without every becoming stereotypes. And I really liked the fact that the conflict in the story was real and not forced and that many obvious storyline clich├ęs were avoided.

If you enjoy sexy, mystery romances or just want a good book to take you away for a while then you won't go wrong with this novel. It's fun, sexy, romantic and will leave you with a smile on your face. Definitely recommended.

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