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Friday, 25 May 2007

Her Last Temptation by Leslie Kelly

Enjoyable, fun romance
4 stars

Cat Sheehan has always been the wild one of her family. But when her family bar gets earmarked for demolition - Cat decides that it's time to straighten up and become sensible. And that includes hooking up with nice guys rather than her usual bad boy types. But her resolution goes out the window the minute Dylan Spencer walks into her bar because he's too much of a temptation to resist.

But Dylan has a secret. He's not a bad boy and he's also been in love with Cat since they were at school together even though Cat doesn't recognise him. But for a chance to be with Cat, Dylan decides he's willing to be any kind of man that she wants.

This book was the last ever book released on Harlequin's Temptation line and as a result the closing of Cat's bar is clearly meant to reflect the closing of the line. This means there are a lot of familiar characters and in-jokes from previous books in the line throughout this book.

The story itself is quite a fun one. Although I liked the character of Cat - I didn't feel that I could really identify with her. Dylan on the other hand was an excellent character - a typical Leslie Kelly hero. And although he claims that he isn't - he's got definite signs of being a bad boy afterall! The chemistry between the pair is real and although the sex scenes don't set fire to the pages - they are still enjoyable. The conflict of the story is slightly weak as it's not really a terrible secret that Dylan's hiding from Cat but it's still fun to watch the pair as they fall in love and to see how their story works out.

I would give this book 4 stars as it is definitely worth a read if you were a fan of the Temptation line, a fan of Leslie Kelly or if you want to try a well written, fun Harlequin romance.

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