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Thursday, 29 November 2007

Dashing Through the Mall

Sweet Christmas Romances
5 Stars

Santa Baby by Sherryl Woods
Single mum Amy Riley isn’t looking forward to taking her young son and baby to see Santa at the local shopping centre but it’s a Christmas tradition. When her son goes missing in the mall, Santa – who is actually police officer Nick DiCaprio – comes to the rescue. Who ever said that Santa wasn’t sexy?

This was a sweet Christmas story that dealt well with what could have been some difficult themes without making the story too serious. I thought Nick was the perfect hero – sexy and brooding while Amy was a sweet single mum who really needed a strong man in her life. A fun tale for Christmas.

Assignment Humbug by Darlene Gardner
TV Reporter Merry Deluca is determined to film her piece on the commercialisation of Christmas at the local mall during the Christmas Eve last minute rush. But her story is about to get a new twist as she realises her cameraman is her recently ex-fiancé Patrick MacFarland – and he is determined to win her back.

I absolutely adored this festive story although I admit that I’m a sucker for second chance love! Well written, wonderful characters, love, snow and Christmas cheer – what more could you need?

Deck The Halls by Holly Jacobs
Retail manager Joy O’Connell is having a bad Christmas season. She’s all alone, the store have been playing Christmas carols since October and now she has to become a personal shopper for a dad and his three tearaway teenagers! Ed Hall is trying to keep cheery while shopping in the store on Christmas Eve but it’s difficult. But then he meets their personal shopper and suddenly his Christmas begins to look up.

This was my least favourite of the three stories simply because I felt I couldn’t really identify with either of the main characters as I don’t have any teenagers of my own. I’m sure those who have been Christmas shopping with three enthusiastic, video game mad, teenage boys will identify (and sympathise) with Ed and Joy. The romance was sweet and the festive touches were nicely Christmassy making this a cute story.

All three stories will get you into the Christmas spirit as the characters spend Christmas Eve shopping at the local mall. It’s nice that each story happened at the same time although they weren’t linked in any other way. Each story was sweet, romantic, Christmassy and perfect to read on a cold winter’s night. Recommended.

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