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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Once Upon a Christmas by Lisa Plumley

A fun festive anthology
4 stars

Mistletoe and Holly
Accountant Holly Aldridge has her life planned out to perfection including having the perfect boyfriend. So when he dumps her out of the blue she refuses to let the dream of a perfect life disappear and is determined to win him back. Her first plan of attack is to make him jealous by getting a new roommate – six-feet plus, gorgeous Sam McKenzie. Sam thinks Holly is crazy to want her ex back and he is just as determined to prove to her that together they could have a sizzling new romance by Christmas.

This is an excellent story to start off this anthology. Holly likes things to be perfect but she’s believable and someone you can definitely relate to. I loved Sam and the way he managed to get under Holly’s skin and disrupt her perfectly ordered world! The actual story was fun, sweetly sexy and had a small bit of that Christmas magic. Very enjoyable.

Christmas Honeymoon
To help her newlywed cousin out of a problem – Stacey Ames agrees to pose as the bride for an all expenses paid Vegas honeymoon. The only problem is that Stacey’s fake husband turns out to be her infuriatingly sexy ex Dylan – who broke her heart not so long ago. Fortunately Dylan isn’t the type to give up and is determined to prove to Stacey that love is better second time around.

I really like second chance love stories so I was looking forward to reading this tale. Sexier than the first story – I liked both Dylan and Stacey and the way they acted towards each other. This was another fun and light story with engaging characters and believable and interesting situations. Another excellent story.

A Baby For Christmas
Chloe Carmichael has loved her best friend and neighbour Nick Steadman forever so she is over the moon when some kahlua, coffee and sympathy turn into a hot and heavy tryst. With the hangover from hell, Nick has no idea what happened between them but Chloe will always remember. Especially since she will be having his baby as a Christmas memento.

This had to be the worst story of the three and I really wasn’t enamoured with it. Nick was too slow to realise his feelings, Chloe was a little too needy and weird and the situations were just too ridiculous to be believed (who honestly would take her dog, cat, hamster and bird for a jog?). It wasn’t a terrible story but it really let the book down in comparison to the first two and personally I found instead of being funny it was just cringe-worthy!

Overall – I really enjoyed this set of stories – the first two at least. Fresh and fun, they really put a smile on your face and I will definitely be looking out for other stories from Lisa Plumley in the future. If you’re looking for short and sweet stories with a pinch of Christmas spirit then this is the book for you.

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