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Monday, 18 August 2008

One Hot Weekend by Katherine Garbera

Readable and entertaining romance
3 stars

Assistant District Attorney Sophia Deltonio is determined to work her way to the top and earn the promotion that the office is abuzz about. To do so, she needs to win a high profile case that is the talk of the town. And she’s squaring off against hotshot lawyer and ex-lover Mitch Halloran.

Ten years ago, Sophia broke Mitch’s heart when she betrayed him in order to get into a prestigious law firm. Now, not only does Mitch want to win the case, he desperately wants revenge against Sophia.

So the pair make a bet – whoever wins the case gets the other as a sex slave for a whole weekend. But the pair will soon find out that it’s not revenge that’s so sweet and perhaps one hot weekend isn’t nearly enough.

This was essentially a fun, interesting story that starts off as a quest for revenge but quickly turns into one of love. Both Sophia and Mitch were interesting characters and both were believable and relatable. The chemistry was perhaps not scorching hot but still produced a good sizzle.

The reason I gave this book 3 stars was that it didn’t really grip me or thrill me. It was interesting, very readable and easy to finish but it didn’t really have that emotional oomph that would have made it a great story. Fine for a lazy afternoon read, this isn’t a keeper for me but I will still look for other books by Katherine Garbera in the future.

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