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Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Sinful Nights of a Nobleman by Jillian Hunter

Another satisfying Boscastle romance
4 stars

Devon Boscastle is one of the most elusive bachelors of the ton. He's also one of the most wicked and decadent. At a garden party in the country, he's determined to find an equally wicked lady for a midnight rendezvous.

By some stroke of fate instead he finds innocent Jocelyn Lydbury, who has come to the party in the hope of a proposal from a respectable gentleman. Being found in a compromising position was not in either of their plans.

Forced into marriage is not the best start for the pair but it soon becomes clear to Devon that his sweet, unassuming wife can also be a tempting seductress. And while he is determined to maintain his bachelor lifestyle, she is equally determined to win his heart.

This is the fifth book in the Boscastle family series this time focussing on the young, devilish Devon. Most of the characters from previous books do appear in this one yet there is no need to have read any of the previous Boscastle novels for this one to make sense.

I am very much a fan of the 'marriage of convenience that turns to love' storyline and this one did not disappoint. Devon is a devilish rascal who is the perfect hero as he lives his life of excess and debauchery. To see him brought down by love is amusing, romantic and oh so satisfying. Jocelyn is his perfect foil – an innocent miss with a backbone and sharp wit. I enjoyed reading about her and was happy to root for her in her pursuit of Devon's heart.

The book was enjoyably sensual and Devon and Jocelyn had some sparkling chemistry throughout the book. The mystery sub-plot isn't too mysterious but then it's the romance that we're supposed to focus on, so that's not really a problem.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable addition to the Boscastle series with endearing characters and some good, old-fashioned romance. If you're looking for a Regency romance to take your mind off things for a while then you can't go wrong with this book. 4 stars.

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