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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Secret Fantasy by Cheryl Holt

Lacklustre and disappointing erotic romance
2 Stars

Orphaned and destitute, Margaret Gray has lived at the mercy of her awful aunt and cousin her whole life. With no dowry and no marriage prospects, Margaret’s life is destined to be dull and boring. Everything changes when Jordan Prescott, Viscount Romney comes to visit with the intention of offering for Margaret’s spoiled cousin.

After his father squandered the family money, Jordan needs to marry and heiress in order to provide for his half-siblings. But Margaret makes him feel things he’s never felt before and soon the pair are involved in something neither of them expected. Will they be able to survive the scheming and plotting that’s going on around them?

I am a big fan of Cheryl Holt so I was disappointed to find this book lacklustre and flat. The plot was very similar to some of her previous books and didn’t offer much in the way of exciting plot or characters.

My main criticism would have to be the lack of emotion throughout the story – I just didn’t believe in the love which is never good in a romance. As a result, the sex scenes did nothing for me either. I liked both Jordan and Margaret but there were so few chapters dedicated to them that at times I forgot this was even their story. With so many other characters and storylines the real love story got completely forgotten at times.

Overall, I can really only give this book 2 stars. It was easy to read and to finish but the story didn’t feel deep enough and I’m sorry to say that I wouldn’t really recommend it.

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