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Friday, 27 March 2009

Tempted by the Night by Elizabeth Boyle

Interesting paranormal romance
4 Stars

Lady Hermione Marlowe has been in love with Lord Rockhurst forever. Despite the gossip, she refuses to believe that the handsome, mysterious man is as wicked and scandalous as they say he is. She just wishes he knew she existed.

Lord Rockhurst doesn’t care about his reputation as he has more pressing, and dangerous matters to deal with. But when a mysterious woman ends up falling into his arms, and saving his life, he realises that perhaps there is more to life than the quest he is on as whoever this woman is, he can’t resist her and that could be disastrous for everyone.

This is the second book in Elizabeth Boyle’s Marlowe Series (after the brilliant His Mistress by Morning) and while it probably does stand alone, I think that by reading them in order will make the magical element of the book a little easier to understand.

When I first picked it up I didn’t realise that this was a paranormal historical and that’s really not really the kind of book I usually enjoy. Having said that, I did very much enjoy the story as despite the magic and supernatural goings on, it wasn’t scary and it was still a good romance.

I love a good tortured hero and Lord Rockhurst was certainly that. Hermione was a great feisty heroine and I loved how, due to Hermione’s affliction of invisibility, you really felt like the characters got to know each other which made their falling in love all the more real.

Despite enjoying the book, I don’t think I’m likely to read any more paranormal romance but I would still recommend this book if you’re a fan of Elizabeth Boyle or if you just like a good romance with some fun action thrown in. 4 stars.

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