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Sunday, 28 February 2010

As an Earl Desires by Lorraine Heath

Delightful love story
5 stars

Archibald Warner was a simple teacher until a death elevated him to the new Earl of Sachse. With the rules of the ton overwhelming him, Arch is glad to have Camilla, the former Earl’s young widow to help tutor him through the pitfalls of high society and help find him the perfect bride.

But Arch is convinced that he has found the perfect bride in Camilla. He seduces her with his kisses and tempts her with his touch yet she still resists his advances. When Camilla’s past comes to light and Arch uncovers the secrets that haunt her eyes, he must make a decision that will change their lives forever.

I have enjoyed Lorraine Heath’s books before and this book just reminded me of what a good storyteller she is. As seems to be the norm for Heath, the book is very character driven with the main story being about how Arch and Camilla interact with each other and fall in love.

The love story is very emotional and I just adored both Arch and Camilla. Arch is a wonderful hero – determined to do the right thing while battling his desires for Camilla. Camilla herself was the standout character for me as she was both strong willed while also being so vulnerable and in need of the love of a good man. Together the pair are perfect for each other and the ending, or more importantly the epilogue, is just dreamy!

This book is the first in a trilogy (coming before A Matter of Temptation and Promise Me Forever) but apparently both Arch and Camilla first appeared in Heath’s Love With A Scandalous Lord. The books do appear to all stand alone though so there’s no need to read them in order.

Overall this is a really well written, emotional and satisfying love story that I’m sure you will really enjoy. Definitely worth 5 stars.

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