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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Her Sexy Valentine by Stephanie Bond

Fun and clever Valentine romance
4 stars

Carol Snow is dedicated to her job and would much rather get her heart rate up with a dirty book than with a messy, real-life romance.

But that doesn’t stop her form being tempted by her exasperating, charming and ruggedly sexy co-worker, Luke Chancellor. But when he asks for a real date, she runs like hell…

And finds herself reliving the exact same day complete with Luke and some sizzling hot sex.

Carol’s happy to take the perks of reliving the day but she soon realises she wants more than multiple one night stands. But how can she manage to stop reliving the day and wake up with Luke the next morning?

This is the sequel to Bond’s Seduction by the Book and her e-novella Too Hot To Print. I hadn’t read either of those books when I read this one and it made no difference so this book stands nicely alone.

I really enjoyed this book. It was fun, witty, sweet and sexy. You do have to suspend belief for a while because the plot mixes reality and fantasy but it’s still believable and really makes the story.

I liked both Carol and Luke and thought they had excellent chemistry together. Carol, especially, was a really sympathetic character and someone I could understand and cheer for.

There were only a couple of things that stopped this book from getting the whole 5 stars. Firstly, because the same scenes were played over and over, it was very odd to be reading the same paragraphs as you’d just read. Not that they weren’t slightly different each time but it was still strange! The other was that I really could have done with an epilogue to see the couple in the future especially because Carol was so reluctant to form a relationship.

This is still a very good, very well written and clever Blaze romance. 4 stars.

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