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Thursday, 23 August 2007

Christmas Fantasy by Janelle Denison

Hot, romantic read
4 stars

Austin McBride's business was fulfilling women's fantasies but the gorgeous Teddy Spencer had him doing some fantasising of his own.

Independent Teddy was too focused on her career for any sort of commitment but she did need someone to pose as her boyfriend at her company Christmas party and Austin was the man for the job.

But would one incredible night convince Teddy to hire Austin full-time?

This was a fine, hot romance set over the Christmas period. Despite the festive setting there really isn't much in the way of Christmassy references so if you're looking for that warm, winter glow then you might be disappointed.

Teddy and Austin are both enjoyable characters and the pair work well together. Austin is technically a stripper but it is never portrayed as seedy and I can't imagine many having a problem with his line of work as it is written so well. The pages heat up with the sex scenes and there are plenty of them which is never a bad thing.

The story is enjoyable and although not terribly fast paced - it keeps you turning the pages and has all the romance that you should require.

While maybe not a great book - it is nevertheless fun and sexy and is worth a read if you get a chance.

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