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Sunday, 19 August 2007

Three Guys You'll Never Date

Three Stories You’ll Love
5 Stars

This collection of stories all revolve around three friends who have had some bad luck trying to find a decent man. So together they make a pact – no more losers, geeks, used-car salesmen, ditch-diggers or unsuitable men of any type. From now on they are only going to date the very best that the male species has to offer. But will they stick to it?

You Can Leave Your Hard Hat On – Stephanie Bond
Successful architect Samantha Stone is set to make her mark on the building world with an innovative new design. But the only person who can help her realise her goal is construction worker Teague Brownlee – with whom she once had a one night stand then cruelly dumped when they were younger. But as the sparks fly on and off the construction site – can they both put aside their prejudices of the other?

Stephanie Bond’s story was packed with sexual tension, chemistry and sex. Teague and Sam are fun characters who have very real emotions and feelings – you can see why they act the way they do. I did feel that the ending was emotionally quite raw and personally I’m not sure if I could have forgiven Teague quite so easily for what he did to Sam! But it was still a sexy, enjoyable story.

The Total Package – Jennifer LaBrecque
Software genius and self-certified geek, Deke Foster wants a wife. And he wants marketing whiz Abby Carmicheal to fix his image so that he can get one. But as Abby starts to change Deke she realises that perhaps he was perfect already – pocket protector and all.

This story was absolutely adorable. I loved how Abby and Deke interacted and how their relationship progressed. This wasn’t written as a typical 'make him over and suddenly she finds him attractive’ type story which made it all the more believable and enjoyable. And the love scenes were enough to scorch the pages which is always a bonus!

Her Hero? – Rhonda Nelson
When prestigious clothing store owner Carley DeLuna’s vintage car breaks down she is quite shocked to see her devastatingly sexy, yet less than ambitious high-school sweetheart Jackson Harper stop to give her a tow. 10 years has changed a lot of things but not the passion that the pair felt for one another. But can Carley get over the fact that Jackson is a perfectly content used-car salesman and will she finally follow her heart?

This was the shortest story of the three but it still was a very satisfying story. Carley and Jackson’s chemistry sparkles and the pair are perfect for each other. Despite Carley’s opposition to Jackson’s career, you never feel that she is snobbish or shallow as she has valid reasons for the way she feels. The story was well-written, very sexy and highly enjoyable.

It is often a surprise when you find an anthology with three very strong, enjoyable stories but this book is certainly one of them. Sexy, fun and romantic – if you’re looking for a book to escape with for a while then you really can’t go wrong with this one. Highly recommended.

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