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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Daring in the Dark by Jennifer LaBrecque

A Deliciously Daring Read
5 stars

If there hadn't been a 24 black-out in the city then Tawny Edwards would never have felt the need to confess to Simon that he was starring in her delightfully naughty, and very explicit dreams. After all, Simon was the best friend of her fiancé Elliot. And he despised her. Didn't he?

Simon had been in love with Tawny from the moment he met her and now he was trapped with her in her apartment with no rescue in sight. If only he didn't have to break the news of her fiancé's indiscretion to her. But Tawny didn't seem too heartbroken and Simon was quite happy to kiss away her hurts.

One wild night to live out each and every one of your wildest fantasies. But what will happen when daybreak - and Elliot - arrive the next morning?

This book is an excellent choice if you're into hot, sexy Blaze novels. Tawny is a strong, bossy woman but has a sweet vulnerable side that most people can identify with and she truly feels like a 'real' woman. Simon is an excellent character too. He is seen as being quite a jerk to Tawny but underneath he's just a big softie. Together the pair steam up the pages and the sex scenes are very hot and delicious. And because it's a Blaze - there are a lot!

Despite the fact that Tawny is technically engaged, this book never comes across as seedy and everyone's motivations and reasons seem true and unselfish. Although personally I would have liked to see Elliot get a little more comeuppance and would cheerfully have pushed him off a cliff if I were Tawny!

A definite page-turner with excellent characters and hot sex - if you're looking for a fun, romantic read then I can't recommend this book enough. 5 stars.

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