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Monday, 16 June 2008

Destination: Marriage

Two hits and a miss for this marriage themed anthology
4 stars

Trouble in Paradise – Jill Marie Landis
From the moment Carrie Evans arrived in Hawaii for her dream destination wedding things have started to go wrong. With the rain, a lost wedding dress and an awol caterer to mention but a few, Carrie is sure that the signs say that she really should be getting married at all. Her fiancé Kurt barely has 4 days to change her mind.

I was terribly disappointed in this top billed story. Kurt didn’t seem to care that the bride was flipping out and was only interested in getting Carrie into bed. And the games the pair played, rather than being amusing, made me think they shouldn’t have been getting married at all.

Biting the Apple – Jo Leigh
Aspiring journalist Trish Avalon has just won an all expenses paid wedding in New York. There’s just one problem – she’s not engaged. Determined to get to the Big Apple to start her new life, she convinces her high school sweetheart, and all round local boy Mark Reynolds to be her groom. But is it only for the week?

This was a great story about chasing your dreams and then realising that maybe they weren’t what you were really looking for. Sweet and romantic with great characters (and set in the decadent Hush hotel) – this was a fantastic short story.

A Venetian Affair – Jackie Braun
Dayle Alexander is planning her perfect wedding – so why isn’t she on top of the world? Her fiancé is stable and dependable – so unlike her unsettlingly hot business partner, Max Kinnick. When business takes the pair to Venice, Dayle begins to realise that her perfect wedding will only be if she can snag the perfect groom!

This was a stand out, adorable story. There was a good dose of emotion without being melodramatic and I just loved Dayle and Max as a couple. A great short romance – I’ll without doubt be searching out more of Jackie Braun’s books in the future.

With two out of the three stories really standing out – I would recommend this book if you’re looking for some fun, light and romantic short stories with a wedding flavour. Despite the first story – still worth 4 stars.

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