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Friday, 27 June 2008

My Secret Admirer

Disappointing Valentine’s Anthology
2 stars

Dangerous Lover – Anne Stuart
When Emma O’Bannion decides to cheer up Luc, Dubois, her mysterious French neighbour, with a little Valentine’s Day surprise – she doesn’t realise that it will put her into such hot water that her heart may never beat normally again.

I’ll have to admit that I don’t think I’ve ever read a story as bad as this one. Emma has 2 boyfriends (don’t get me started!), a great job and a lovely flat and yet she moans all the time. Luc is depicted as a long haired, skulking Frenchman that dresses all in black (complete with bomber jacket) and breaks into the heroine’s flat to go through her underwear – certainly not anyone I would fantasise about! And after Emma is attacked, threatened with death, drugged, kidnapped, tied to a bed in a rundown farmhouse – the first thing she thinks is that Luc (who did all these things to her) could do with a shave which would make him even more attractive! Absolute rubbish – words cannot express how bad this story was.

Once Upon A Mattress – Vicki Lewis Thompson
Amelia Townsend’s Bedroom Fantasies shop is a tremendous hit – even if her love life is at a major low. But being the boss isn’t all it’s cracked up to be as she can’t be seen to favour any of the employees – but especially not delicious Will Murdoch – a man that makes her go weak at the knees. And now, just before Valentine’s Day he shows her some attention… and asks her for her advice on how to pursue another woman!

A very cute story from Vicki Lewis Thompson about two people who feel they are all wrong for each other but can’t help want what they shouldn’t have. Will and Amelia are both lovely characters and the chemistry is sparkling. A very sweet and enjoyable tale.

Special Deliveries – Marisa Carroll
Nine year old Dani Jenson and her little sister think that new girl in town, Christy would make the perfect Valentine for their Dad, Del. So they set about trying to get the pair together by sending Christy some secret admirer notes. Christy and Dell were once the love of each other’s life until one fateful Valentine’s Day ten years ago cahgned everything. But now Christy is back in town and she’s getting some rather odd love notes – but rather than sending her into Del’s arms, it sends her running to the police!

This was an okay story – not very exciting but not very offensive either. The main characters were real enough but lacked any depth or chemistry which made their romantic reunion quite unrealistic and abrupt. Readable and sweet but nothing special – you could afford to miss this story.

Overall, I have to say that I really can’t recommend this anthology. I enjoyed Vicki Lewis Thompson’s story and the third story was fine but not worth shelling out for. And the Anne Stuart story was just so bad that it really drags down the whole book. There are plenty of other excellent anthologies out there so if you’re looking for fun, quick romantic reads then you are sure to find something else more suitable. Only 2 stars.

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