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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Slow Hands by Leslie Kelly

Teasingly sexy and sweet romance
4 stars

Maddy Turner is in a bit of a mess. She’s about to bid a hefty amount of money at a charity bachelor auction to stop her father’s latest wife from bagging herself a sexy, single man. And the man she must outbid her stepmother for is none other than a European gigolo.

Sexy, all-American paramedic, Jake Wallace, has no idea that a mix up at the charity auction has left the bidding ladies convinced that he is a male escort. When he is won by the deliciously sexy Maddy – he is sure he’s onto a good thing.

But Maddy has been burned before and it’s going to take all Jake has to convince her to give him a go. And of course there’s still the fact that Maddy is sure that Jake is only with her because he’s being paid to be.

I am a huge fan of Leslie Kelly and I was happy to see her with a new book in the Wrong Bed miniseries (a series that started off in the Harlequin Tempatation line). This is the first of two books, the next being Heated Rush.

I definitely did enjoy this book as it was fun, sexy and interesting. Maddy and Jake were a good couple and despite all the confusion and misunderstandings – they did have some good chemistry. As such, the sex scenes were teasing, sexy and very hot.

The conflict in the story wasn’t as clichéd as it could have been – which is always a good thing. However, by removing the ‘obvious’ conflict, this meant that the story was fairly slow paced and was very much character focussed despite the quirky premise.

Overall, it’s perhaps not Leslie Kelly’s best book but it’s still exceptionally well written with a fun storyline, likeable characters and some naughty sex. Definitely recommended.
4 stars.

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