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Saturday, 7 April 2012

About that Night by Julie James

Exceptional and smart romance

5 stars

The first night they met, Rylann Pierce tried to shrug off the attraction she felt for Kyle Rhodes. Yet after one incredible kiss it was hard to dismiss. After being stood up, she figured she would never see him again.

Nine years later, Rylann is a top U.S. attorney and ready to get her life back in order after a bad break up. Then who should walk into her courtroom and back into her life but Kyle. The attraction’s still there but this time he’s an ex-con and her star witness in a murder trial. Rylann’s career has always come first but she’s coming to realise that her life might need to be shaken up a bit and Kyle’s just the man to do it!


I have been a huge fan of Julie James since reading her first book and this one just cements her as an exceptional contemporary writer and one of my all time favourites.

Kyle first appeared in James’ previous book, A Lot Like Love, which featured his twin sister’s story. You don’t have to have read that book or any of the others to understand and like this book although if you have read it then Jordan and Nick (as well as some of the supporting cast and Cameron and Jack from Something About You) make brief appearances which is always fun.

I’m always looking for a heroine that I can both like and root for and Rylann fits the bill. She’s sassy, fiesty, fun and sarcastic yet retains a vulnerability that makes her extremely likeable. She’s also smart and works hard which I like a lot. Kyle is a hard working, sexy and passionate man and one that I couldn’t help but fall for. He may be an ex-con but don’t let this put you off! Together the pair have such spark, chemistry and the banter was genius and had me laughing out loud on occasion.

Once again this book is set in the world of lawyers, the FBI and everything that entails. The storyline is realistic yet never getting bogged down in detail and makes for a book that I just couldn’t put down. The storyline flows nicely and there’s always something new to keep your interest. This is the kind of book that makes you want to live the characters lives and I finished it feeling rejuvenated while also feeling very sad that I couldn’t keep reading.

If you like smart romances with sparkle and wit then I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It’s a real page turner and one which I enjoyed immensely. A very well deserved 5 stars.

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