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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sweet Inspiration by Penny Watson

Bland Christmas romance
2 stars

Nicholas Klaus is Santa’s oldest son and a sexy baker to boot. On a fact finding mission for new recipes, Nick runs into sweet cafe owner, Lucy Brewster and falls instantly in lust.

The feeling is mutual but when an accident threatens Lucy’s life, Nicholas breaks all the rules to bring her to the North Pole. Lucy always yearned for adventure but being at the North Pole with Santa’s son, rambunctious elves and a fairytale world all around her is more than she bargained for. Will their growing feelings conquer all their insecurities and will Lucy have what it takes to become the next Mrs Claus?

I liked the premise of this story - a romance filled with the magical fantasy of Christmas however it didn’t take long for the excitement to dissipate.

My first let down was Nick. A big, sexy and strapping man is something I can get on board with but big bushy beards just don’t do it for me so that was a major let down. Further complications arose with his character. He was nice to Lucy but domineering, rude and overbearing to others. I just couldn’t take to a hero like that.

Lucy, in all honesty, wasn’t much better. She was a simpering, cowardly and emotional female who refused to be mad at Nicholas even when he deserved it for his high handed behaviour. I like a female that I can identify with or aspire to be like - Lucy was neither of these things.

But by far the biggest failing of this book was that it was a fairly bland read. It was about 165 pages long but everything was drawn out with lots of filler padding out between the big events. After Lucy arrived at the North Pole it just flatlined and I was beyond bored. It took me about 2 weeks to actually finish this book as, although not offensive, it just didn’t capture my attention.

The writing wasn’t terrible, and I didn’t give up so I’m giving it 2 stars. Others seem to have enjoyed it but I just couldn’t recommend this book despite my love of Christmas romances. A disappointing 2 stars.

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