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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Marry Me, Maddie by Rita Herron

Tiresome, long winded romance
1 star

Maddie has issued an ultimatum to her boyfriend live on TV but doesn’t get the answer that she expects. This throws this sassy Southern gal into a drive to make changes in her life including a new job and a new man.

Chase has been in Maddie’s life since they were kids but he knows he’s not right for her despite how much he wants her. But Maddie’s set her sights on him and he’s beginning to forget why he ever wanted to resist.

But now her ex is back on the scene and fighting for Maddie’s hand. With two sexy men vying for her - will Maddie get her happily ever after?


I was so excited to read this story as I adore the storyline where a woman falls in love with her brother’s best friend. It didn’t take me long to realise that my anticipation was misplaced.

Maddie is a young and supposedly smart woman yet she is constantly bullied and undermined by her older brothers who apparently have her best interests at heart. They waited for her when she went on a night out, told her what she could and couldn’t do and decided that she shouldn’t have a career as she wasn’t smart enough. I don’t mind strong men but these guys were unbelievable.

I quite liked, or at least didn’t actively dislike, Chase although he was a little bit weak when it came to his reasons for not being with Maddie. If he didn’t like her then that would have been fine but it was all just a bit pointless as conflict, to be honest.

The book was the length of a regular novel at about 363 pages and I felt every single one of them. Each chapter seemed to be each character going over the same emotions, same problems and same dramas but in a different setting each time - I hate to say that I was genuinely bored. To add to that, we kept hearing about the unlikeable brothers and some ‘mystery’ regarding their parents. When it all came to a conclusion the result was farcical and far from funny which I’m assuming was the intention.

The inclusion of secondary characters was obviously to set up their own, future stories. I for one will not be purchasing them and definitely can’t recommend this book, I’m sorry to say. 1 star.

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