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Friday, 13 April 2007

After Hours by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Hot and sexy Blaze romance
5 stars

Eileen Connolly is a sensible, level-headed lawyer who is nearly ready to settle down with her sensible, yet quite dull boyfriend. But recently she's had the most reckless craving for sex with a complete stranger. She promises herself just one night of passion and then she'll be ready to begin her new respectable, predictable life.

When Shane Nichols shows up at Eileen's office after hours to fix the phones, he looks good enough to eat - and good enough to be the one night fantasy guy that Eileen has promised herself. But suddenly one night doesn't seem nearly long enough to satisfy all Eileen's desires and fantasies...

This book is another winner for Vicki Lewis Thompson and it really lives up to the Blaze motto of being a scorching hot sexy read.

Eileen is a strong, driven character yet has enough insecurities and fears to make her believable and likeable. Shane is your typical hero - strong, sexy and absolutely delicious. What sets him apart from other heroes is that he has no problem admitting his feelings, at least to himself, which is quite refreshing.

The story is fairly uncomplicated yet the author didn't use predictable plot lines or conflict which she could have done. It is essentially a fun, light story.

And the book didn't disappoint with the sex scenes either. The book focuses on the fantasies of Eileen and Shane as they explore them with each other. These fantasies aren't particularly kinky but they were wonderfully hot. And there were plenty of them for such a short book. The chemistry jumps off the pages making everything come alive. Definitely one of the hottest Blaze books I've read in a while.

If you're a fan of Blaze romances, a fan of Vicki Lewis Thompson or just on the look out for a steamy read to pass a couple of hours - you really can't go wrong with this book. Highly recommended.

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