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Sunday, 15 April 2007

Hush by Jo Leigh

A fun, light read
4 Stars

Hush hotel is Piper Devon’s dream. An erotic retreat with wicked and sinful toys, luxury, secret nooks and silky sheets – the place is designed for sex. Too bad that her hotel magnate, billionaire father is less than impressed.

So he sends the family lawyer, Trace Winslow to try and sort things out. Trace has to put a stop to Piper’s crazy ideas before the family name is dragged through the mud. But soon it’s not just Piper’s sexy tabloid antics that are making Trace crazy and he decides that if he’s in the hotel designed for sex he really should try and beat Piper at her own game.

This was an enjoyable book and the start of a new series of books set in the delicious Hush hotel. Surprisingly, I really liked Piper. For someone who was essentially a spoiled little rich girl – she was a very believable and sympathetic character and someone I really started to root for. Trace was also a good character although I was a little disappointed that he was written as almost 10 years older than Piper – although that’s maybe just me. I also have to say that I didn’t really understand why Piper felt she had to seduce Trace to get him on her side – but I suppose that’s not the point!

Being a Blaze there is obviously going to be some sex in the book and although there was some – it wasn’t as hot or sexy as many other Blaze books I’ve read. Still enjoyable though.

Overall, the story was quite fun and the hotel definitely sounds like somewhere that I’d like to visit! While maybe not being the best Blaze I’ve read – it certainly kept me interested and was good for a light, afternoon read. And it’s definitely made me want to read the other books in the Do Not Disturb series.

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