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Saturday, 21 April 2007

Thrill Me by Isabel Sharpe

Sweet yet sexy Blaze romance
5 stars

May Ellison needs a sexual adventure. After being dumped by her boyfriend of 6 years for being too boring and predictable - she heads to the erotic hotel Hush in New York for a week of sinful pleasures with a man. Definitely a change from her normal small town life.

But when he fails to materialise - May's hopes of an adventure are crushed until star author Beck Desmond checks into the hotel. He's meant to be revising scenes for his latest action thriller but is having a little writer's block so he manages to persuade May to be his inspiration for the week. But when the week is over both May and Beck must decide whether it was just fiction or the real thing.

This is another book in Blaze's Do Not Disturb series which revolve around the gorgeous Hush hotel. Although part of this series - it completely stands alone as the main recurring theme tends to be the hotel rather than the people in it, although one or two from previous and future books do pop up.

I really loved this book and it makes a great addition to the series. May is so easy to identify with - she's sweet and fun with a wicked streak in her and she is very real in the way that she muses over her problems and the decisions she has to make. I adored her. Beck is also a great hero but then I do love the strong, brooding types! The way he treats May and how he is so unsure is very sweet to read - even with all the sensual fun that goes on in the hotel.

The story really draws you in and never does the author take you down the obvious plot route with silly misunderstandings or overblown conflict. The story keeps you wanting to turn the pages and see how things work out.

The sex scenes in this book are not as hot as I've read in some other Blaze novels and I might even say the main love scene was slightly anti-climactic. But that's probably only because the build-up and tension beforehand were so well written and exciting that it couldn't be anything but.

Overall - this is an excellent, well-written romance which is perfect for those who enjoy Blaze romances. May and Beck really make this book come alive and I would definitely recommend it.

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